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Seneca Printing Express, Inc. was founded in October of 1992 to service Seneca Enterprises existing customers who needed smaller print jobs that were not profitable for Seneca Enterprises due to the fact that their shop was designed for larger jobs.

It was started as a quick print facility located in Oil City, Pennsylvania, servicing local customers. Jeff Steigerwald Sr. assumed responsibility for this division in December of 1992. ​


The products were mainly one and two-color, smaller print jobs. In October of 1993, Seneca Printing Express, Inc. began producing all of Quaker State's commercial print jobs. With this additional business, we outgrew our existing facility and moved into our present location in the Venango Area Industrial Complex. ​


Around the same time, a two-color 28" Heidelberg press was purchased. This enabled Seneca Printing Express, Inc. to expand our printing capabilities to medium and long print runs of one and two-color work. Seneca Printing Express, Inc. was not equipped to handle large bindery runs and was outsourcing its bindery work. In 2003, bindery equipment was purchased, including a large format folder and a six-pocket stitcher/trimmer which eliminated the need for outsourcing bindery work. In November of 2004, a five-color 28" Heidelberg press was purchased enabling Seneca Printing Express, Inc. to do multi-color work. ​


In June of 2005, the company was purchased by Ernie McCain and Jeff Steigerwald Sr and established as its own business entity.  Since that time, the company has steadily grown and begun printing cut and stack labels for private label brands.  This new customer base necessitated the purchase of additional machinery, including a high die machine and, in 2011, a Man Roland 300 press was purchased.  The press is a six color plus coater and runs a 23” x 29” sheet.  These purchases have allowed us to aggressively pursue the cut and stack label markets.





Jeff Steigerwald

I’ve been involved with Seneca Printing Express for over 20 years. Throughout those years, I’ve familiarized myself with the processes involved with each product we print, from when the job comes in to when it ships out.


I believe in working directly with our customers and on the logistics that go into each product, developing a long term relationship that is beneficial to all parties involved, and helping to ensure that each customer receives maximum quality at minimal cost. Contact us, I’m confident we can make a great team.

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